Fragments for an alternate tomorrow.

“Cancel my subscription to the resurrection.” -The Doors

Notations outside the margins.

Forging in the dark.

There is a secret alphabet and numinous (non)linguistics to be deciphered.

Underground streams and disappearing aquifers.

The plight of butterflies and bees.

Graffiti found in the alleys of downtown Seattle:

No more second-hand word of God.
There are no innocent bystanders in the daily crime of life.

Untimely meditations, thoughts out of season, and unscientific postscripts. (via Friedrich Nietzsche and Søren Kierkegaard)

When integrity becomes liability.

“Don’t be a criminal in this police state/You better shop and eat and procreate.” -Bright Eyes

The primary purpose of systems of oppression is to create, not resolve scarcity. (via George Orwell et al.)

Colonized consciousness and cognitive slavery.

“In the room the women come and go/Talking of Michelangelo.” -T.S. Eliot

A finite game is a game that has fixed rules and boundaries; in an infinite game, one plays with the boundaries. (via James Carse)

The path to freedom is revolutionary, not evolutionary. (via J. Krishnamurti et al.)

Life as revelatory and talismanic.

The forests and rivers have stories to tell.

We must create our own superstories and new mythologies. (via Jeffrey Kripal et al.)

Shining a light in the darkness.


Mountain goats and invisibility.

The Daoist Horse Taming Pictures:

Techniques of transformation.

Animals as teachers.

Embodiment and transmission.

Death to the known.

“If something has to change then it always does.” -The Editors

Cicada shells and other moltings.

A seed vault at the end of history.

Notes to myself for later.

Imaginarium Doorway