An Adjunct Professor’s Final Syllabus

Critical Reflections on Symbology

Dave Chappelle on Academia

Escape and Freedom

Every Question in Every Q&A Session Ever

Facing Demons

Little Boxes

Malcolm X on “Colleagues” and “Peers”


The Consequences of Comfort and the Opportunities of Adventure

The Professor’s Fate (Or, Those Overwhelming Headaches)

Theatre of Blood

Comparative Theology


Impossible Courses

Occassional Pieces

Philosophy of Religion

For a (Im)Possible Future of Philosophy of Religion

Religious Studies




Videos, Interviews, Features, Connections

Alchemy in Daoism

Center for Daoist Studies

Classical Daoism and the Philosophy of Praxis

Contemplate This!

Contemplative Silence and Spatiality

Contemplative Studies

Critical Subjectivity: On Being (and Not Being) a Scholar of Religion

Critical Subjectivity and the Phenomenology of Contemplative Studies

Daoist Cultivation According to the Nine Practices

Daoist Foundation

Daoist Meditation

Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion

The Dao of the Scholar/Practitioner

The Underground University (TUU)

Other Miscellanea

Are You a Puppet?

Blondes Earn More Money

Guru Ratings

Rothko Chapel

The Artist Is Present

The Hunger Project

The Innocence Project

The Joy of Fish

Zero Fucks

Imaginarium Doorway